The story of selissa

The idea of selissa has lingered for quite a while, but  was triggered by our first visit to Taj Mahal. We have always been fascinated by traditions of craftsmanship and what is humanly possible to create. But seeing the marble craftsmen ,with intricate designs in their heads, chip away at the hard marble only to glue in semiprecious stones in intricate patterns left us full of awe. There is such a potential in combining traditional crafts  with innovative, contemporary designs. This creates true luxury and  has become our mission through selissa.

selissa is a brand dedicated to promoting genuine craftsmanship and inventive designs .  This results not only in new contemporary design statements of high quality but also in improving and developing  old traditions . selissa  aspires to please the most discerning design lover. The creative designs  are made by both well known and local upcoming designers.Most of the products of selissa are handmade, in natural materials and traditionally crafted. Many products are custom made.

It is our mission to support the work of designers and craftsmen in emerging markets by promoting and selling their work . Perhaps we can help these traditions, sometimes struggling to survive, thrive for many more years to come.

Many women and men in rural areas of emerging markets rely on their craft for survival for themselves, their family as well as their town. Many of selissas suppliers are active socially. They engage in areas such as education, employment of women or the arts. By buying from selissa you are supporting the renewal of traditional art and crafts as well as supporting employment and development of these communities.

So if you are design conscious and an admirer of true craftsmanship you have come to the right place. Every selissa item is made with love and care. We hope you enjoy selissa.


The founders of selissa

Elisabeth, Sebastian & Isabelle